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Lucy Crow: My key learnings

07 October 2016

By Thomas .

Lucy Crow: My key learnings

Always make time to look upwards and outwards It's big world we live in and there is a lot of incredible stuff going on in it. If we - as individuals and as organisations don't take time to raise our heads regularly, one day we might look up to find that big world has moved on and left us behind. We owe it to ourselves to check in, engage and take inspiration from the incredible stuff going on out there. Macro trends, start-ups and innovations in tech, social enterprises...these can and should serve as inspiration to us regularly.

It's really important to connect your day-to-day work with the contribution it makes to something bigger
One of my favourite things about working with the Good Lab is that everyday I have been here, I have felt closely connected to our 'cause' - transforming the way the charity sector interacts with the British public to better serve them, as well as the people we work on behalf of. Last week, after ten years of working in the not-for-profit sector, I found myself lingering on the contribution I personally have made in that time. I don't think I've ever really stopped to think about it before.
Most of us know this is important already, but I will be thinking very carefully about what I can do with our team to ensure everyone understands how they personally are contributing - and that they celebrate and are celebrated for their work.

Make it visual
Perhaps my biggest takeaway from the last six weeks is the power of visual communication. Never underestimate the power of a well thought out diagram in place of a lot of words. And being in an environment that encourages what I would call 'visual' thinking - post it notes, drawing ideas out, mind-mapping - has been a real joy. I'll be using this approach as much as possible when I am back in my role at WaterAid. I think it can really help to cut down on words in strategy documents, ensure that ideas and insights we use are as easy as possible to understand, and can be digested more quickly.

Working with the Good Lab has been a brilliant reminder of so many things we know are important but approached in a very different way to being in the office. I'm grateful to have made a contribution to work that I really believe is crucial to the sector - I can't wait to see what the outcomes of the Good Lab are!

Lucy Crow, Individual Giving Manager


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